Chantal Roos – Head of Advisory Board

In 1976 Chantal Roos joins the company Yves Saint Laurent fragrances and successfully launched mythical perfumes : Opium, Kouros, Paris, Jazz.

In 1990 she joins Shiseido Group to create and be the president of BPI . 1992 saw the launch of the Issey Miayke brand with l’ Eau d’ Issey followed by l’ Eau d’Issey for men and 1993 was the year of Jean Paul Gaultier the classic followed by Le Male.

Returning to YSL in 2000 as President and CEO of YSL Beauté including YSL, Stella McCartney, McQueen, Boucheron etc. She has now created her own niche company with her daughter ” Dear Rose ” fragrances or ” the perfume, a family legacy”.

Marie-Françoise Stouls – Head of the Beauty Department – Le Bon Marché

I am Head of the Beauty départment store at Le Bon Marché since 1992, the most sélective parisian Department store. In 1998, I wrote the new strategy of the Beauty department. Introducing new niches brands and new concepts to make the difference, on a very competitive market.

I am very proud to set my experience and part of the advisory board at The SCENT.

Fabrice Pellegrin – Advisory Board Member – The SCENT

Fine Fragrance Perfumer – Firmenich

I’m very honored and proud to be part of the Advisory Board of The SCENT.

I live my passion every day as a perfumer, and I am thrilled to share my opinion on these niche brands. For me they are a true territory of creative freedom and a way to beautify ingredients.

Philippe Paparella-Paris – Advisory Board Member – The SCENT

Senior Perfumer Scent & Care Division

I am very honored and excited to be part of this exhibition’s board. It is the first of its kind in the region and I am convinced it will be very inspiring for all of us.