Samreen Shah

A showcase of macro images of the major ingredients involved in perfumery. All of Samreen’s work will be in low key tones entailing the major ingredients used in niche perfumes.

Centdegres & Firmenich

As the world’s largest private company in the fragrance industry, Firmenich aim to bring to The SCENT its comprehension and vision of this specific segment.

Firmenich wishes to offer with its olfactive experience in partnership with Centdegres, a contemportary vision of the Alternative Perfumery, bringing CREATIVITY, QUALITY and INNOVATION.

Ruvan Wijesooriya

Ruvan Wijesooriya has adapted his exhibition “Explore the Expansion of Space” for The Scent, allowing visitors to try 4 separate scented “Visual Meditations” in Virtual Reality. The scented Virtual Reality experiences aim to bring the viewer into a meditative virtual place inspired by The Yucatan of Mexico – a representation of the water and ozone, the lush greenery, the earth notes of soil and mineral, and the sweetness of Mayan honey and fruits native to the region. The scents were developed with chemist Darryl Do of Delbia Do in New York City. As an abstract virtual experience, the viewer is taken on a nostalgic inner journey informed by various sensations – color, texture, scent and sound.


The first ever periodical to be dedicated to scent and the sense of smell. Bringing together articles, interviews, surveys and critical analysis with an olfactory focus, Nez challenges us to use our noses to explore the world.

Art, literature, science, history, perfume… Nez is unique in its diverse and informative approach and helps us understand how our sense of smell connects us to the world.

Le Grand Musee Du Parfum, Paris



Dinner only